Free Will

Yesterday, I had a talk with a guy at work and he of course diverted our conversation in a different direction after he said god is in control and put trump in office. I think there is something being overlooked by Christians and something I used to overlook, Free will. Humanity is responsible for Hitler, humanity is responsible for the bad that happens in this world, and our jacked up system in America and Humanity is responsible for putting trump in office.
The Jews tried to warn us, history is there for a reason, so we don’t allow the bad times to repeat. America the majority of you and I will now have to pay for what the minority has failed to see and chosen for us, but they will end up paying too, they are just oblivious to it at the moment. What this man has done in just ten days is huge and it’s not good. I can’t imagine how many lives are at stake right now or how jacked up our economy will be soon. I know a lot of Christians don’t care about the Muslims, and at that point you no longer represent the Christ I was taught about growing up.
Yes, god is in control. God is sustaining life and our world, but humanity is doing its best to destroy both. We are each responsible for our own actions.
I saw a lady post yesterday that she is finally glad to have peace, and I was trying to figure out how she has peace in a time like this. Then I realized she’s white and white privilege is being severally over looked right now and seems it has been for a long time.


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