Religion and chaos USA

It doesn’t matter how you or I were raised or how many good Christians we know. That doesn’t give an excuse for what is going on now in our country and with our government and what some of the major sects of Christianity have done. If we want to take it there, we can also take it back to the crusades or when the Christians came over with their Bible’s and massacred the Native Americans. Sure there are many Christians that truly want to do good in the world I know several, but even some of those back what is going on in our government right now. 
Religion will always bring something extra with it trying to rule and control the people. History has shown us that. I’ve found that spirituality and faith away from religion brings more peace, at least to me and several others I know. It’s individuality and still connecting with our Creator because we can’t all have the exact same relationship as others because we are all different. Our faith should not relying on how this guy interprets these verses or those, nor should we have to fight to be accepted, not tolerated, accepted into anything we want to willingly be a part of.
Religion will continue to cause wars and unrest in this world because many allow it to dominate their faith, instead of just connecting with the Creator individually and loving each other and doing good on our own. As for those that do good and can feel a belonging in the Christan faith I hope they continue to do so, maybe they will have an affect on others. 
Something I have been thinking about and blogged about today is, “How could I have ever been so eager to be a part of a religion that rejected me and condemned me at birth?” I struggled severely, the whole time I tried. 
Our government is not showing any concern for its people. Caring for a secure nation and ripping apart families are two different things. Many of the people they are removing have been vetted and been Americans for years. If caring for a secure country means holding people (children too) in airports in cuffs, separating children from their parents, and ripping apart families, that’s a new way of going about it and I will not get behind that. 
Law is great when it is fair, but our laws are not equal for blacks and whites, nor are they equal for the LGBTQ community. 
I’m not claiming conservative or liberal, I just want what’s right for all people.


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