Value of Christ’s words

How do people say they worship Christ, then give more value to the words around his and keep his at a distance so they can find a way to reject and cut out part of humanity that doesn’t fit your beliefs?  
I’ve found that when others are seeking to correct me in my sinful ways as “they” see it, they never use the words of Christ, but some other scripture, usually Romans or Leviticus. The words of Christ always come at first before you join up with them, all are welcome and then later after you “fix” yourself. 
Now that I’m outside religion, I have started thinking about how I was before and how people have been with me. I’ve received many variations of rebuke, rejection, shunning, hate and love in some form from different Christians. I can’t vouch for any other religion because no one from another religion has tried to get me to see just how broken, sinful, and vile I supposedly am.
There are some Christians out there who just want to follow what Christ taught a love their neighbor, I have been writing back and forth with one who used to teach me in church. He seems to have had his eyes opened to the dark and light side of the Christian religion. He has chosen to love others as he is loved. It’s been great writing back and forth with him. Today he wrote me and said, “It seems like the 58% never see their true value,” he was speak in regards to our creator. I was telling him about transgender people and the suicide rate being at 58% right now. It seems like we give more value to how our families and society view us then how the creator does. I think this is true. There are many who are agnostic or atheist and believe we just are, so they would have no one to look to but their families whom we are taught are supposed to love and care for us unconditionally. I see humanities need for a belief in a higher power, because we fail ourselves by casting so much hate towards anyone who is different than our norm or society’s norm. So much so that parents are willing to abandon their children because they are not subject A (cisgender straight female) or subject B (cisgender straight male) which fits only a portion of all of the people on this planet. It seems that many people are not “straight” and that they have some tendencies towards another type of sexuality or gender. Many people suppress this because of societal pressures or religious pressures. Some people can live with this just fin, other are suppressing a major part of who they are and it can cause depression, suicide, or even hate towards other that feel the same way, because they feel like they can’t or that they must hide that part of them. 


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