Nature / Nurture / Education

I am writing a book, it’s going to be a murder thriller story and I have been doing research on the psychology of criminals and murders. Part of this research that has been done is the nature verses nurture aspect. I’ve watched some documentaries on the mind of serial killers and how they have no remorse or feelings of guilt for what they do. A question that has people boggled is, were they born this way? They have discovered that the brains of murders do have a difference in them than the brain of normal people, but that there are rare cases, where people with normal brains have the same type of brain as a serial killer but still do not see these things as okay. So it’s likely a mix of the two. I have also watch documentaries on other criminals and how they basically didn’t even have a chance, because they were incarcerated at a young age, their parents and family didn’t care for them and they had no structure to follow. One of the guys killed a man in prison, because he had been in solitary confinement (or CM Close Management) for years and it was making him crazy. He wanted out of there, so he killed his cell mate when he got one while he was in CM. He wanted to get on death row, because there was more freedoms. He started getting in trouble at the age of 12 and by 17 years of age, he was in prison, has not been out of prison his entire life and he is in his late 50’s. A cousin of his found out about him and started writing and visiting him. It changed his outlook on life and he was beyond grateful that his cousin took the time to be a part of his life. When they first started writing he told him, no hard feelings if you only write a few times and then I never hear from you again. That’s what he was used to. So between, his lack of love, of any sort, lack of parenting, he skipped school, so lack of education, and where he grew up, this guy did not have a chance.

This is due to so many things, but education is a very big part of it. Our communities are segregated, if not by race, by wealth and no one cares for the poor. Our education system in this country is downright pathetic and that is in part why our country is so torn right now. If people were actually educated about government, policies, ACTUAL history and not the watered down white version they put in school text books or leave out of text books (TEXAS just voted to remove Hillary Clinton from history books). That should set off some alarms in everyone’s head. How can you remove history and why is the history we are taught in school lies and white washed heroism, instead of the actual truth. Why are only white men leading the way and why is there no input or representation from people of other races on decision making across the board? White men in my experience have been the most privileged, the least grateful for that privilege, and always the ones that want to be in power or be the Alpha race. There is no damn alpha race, but because of the way things have been and the fact that racism is still a serious issue, there does not to be representation from every race in every aspect of governance in this country. We need to focus on and fix our education system. We need new history books in the classrooms that actually teach kids the history of this country and not a watered down white version. I’m white, but I’m not blind, I see my privilege. I see that government policies and financial policies are easier on me than on any person of color. I am need other white folks to see it too. Care about something other than yourself for one in your life. This country is not great and it hasn’t been great, since before Columbus landed here and began his rape and massacre of the Native Americans.