I began the this journey 10 years ago and am continually seeking to learn more about history and religion. When I started this journey, I was seeking the truth of God through Christianity.  I was trying to prove the Bible as infallible and the many things that I’d heard or been told that would send people to hell, were correct.  I never thought my journey would reveal so much and be so freeing, but it has been. Though part of this journey has been hard to mentally accept, facts are facts, and I have had to overcome things that I was taught were truth, I found were not truth at all.  There is a mental barrier, that most people refuse to cross even if they see solid proof of it, because it would shatter everything they were taught as truth.  There are things I’ve found, that have shaken my faith to its core, which is something that most people will not even approach, much less accept.

This blog starts with a deep dive into different aspects of Christianity, Christian history, Bible history, and beyond.  There is no telling where it will end, but only those who truly seek truth are able to overcome the hurdles a journey like this will bring.



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  1. You say ” I had decided to be celibate because I was trying to determine if I really was bound for hell by being gay.” May we comfort you that the hell or sheol spoken of in the bible is the grave. All people will end up dying and either put in a grave or after cremation having the asses spread over earth or water or put in a urn to be placed in a grave or to be taken home. God does not demand a second penalty, by death you shall have paid for your sins.

    Great that you took the courage to dig deep into God His word. Nice also to see you started going to church, and getting involved with leading different ministries with the church, what that also may mean in your instance.

    You also tell about certain difficulties and unpleasant situations. Shunning by one or the other church does not speak very well for that church because that is not an action a lover of God and a follower of Jesus should take.

    A big problem for many people who are different than mainstream, like gay and transgenders e.g., is that they not only have to encounter non-understanding in the outside world and even in some churches, they also often have to cope with their family-member who do not have an ear for their situation. Good to hear that though your family did not understand nor agree with you, they were still present in your life. Hopefully by passing time and when you got a serious partner they came to see you too can be a loving person and being truthful to one partner. (That’s what we hope you do.)

    Remember that all people are created in the image of God. and remember also we do have to share the love of Christ. But do not forget either we have to live according to the Word of God. When you and your partner of the same sex are doing that, who is going to judge you? Let us not forget that judging is not to man but belongs to Christ and his heavenly Father the Only One God.


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