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Trump Supporting Christians

One of the things that has completely boggled me is Christians supporting trump. He is the antithesis of Jesus.

In short, love is encompassing to all beings, not just whites, not just Christians, not just Americans, not just Jews, not just blacks, not just tans, but everyone. If you want to preach love, you can’t turn away someone running from evil. That’s as heartless as they come. You can’t turn away help for a people trapped on an island that has been through a massive hurricane and allow, a now estimated between 5,600 and 8,000+ deaths.

So, a Christian supporting trump is an absolute contradiction. Jesus said, what you do, to the lesser of my children, you also do to me. Right now trump’s administration has not only allowed children to be ripped away from their parents, but has lost 1,500+ children.

Love is something, I think even Christians will never accomplish, I’ve met more loving atheists, to be honest. They don’t have a religion threatening or keeping them in fear of doing the wrong thing, that makes them feel forced to love, they just love others. There is no motivation behind their love for others, they do it, because it’s kind and it’s the right thing to do. Right now, the darkness is coming out of more Christians than I ever thought possible.


The Power Within You

We have more power within us than we know, more strength and capabilities than we can imagine. We just have to get out of our own way and remove the things from our lives that tell us otherwise.

We as humans have become clingy in certain ways, be it to other people, Religion, deities, illness, and other things. We allow those things to restrict the strength and healing that resides with in each of us.

It is you that is responsible for how you allow things to restrict you or make you feel. You allow thing in life that hurt you, bring you down, or that you feel dependant on. You may not think you can do it yourself, be by yourself, or that you aren’t strong enough. Those are lies, all of them.

From a spiritual perspective we are all connected to the energy or source (whatever you with to call it) that gives us life. We are all made of the same star dust. We are all capable of utilize the energy and power that this world provides for us, to make our life what we want it to be, to heal ourselves and help heal others, to be whatever greatness we want to be, to give back to the world and the earth, to make this existence/experience better for everyone.

We just have to purge the things in this world that would have us believe otherwise.

Religions Unstable Loving Hate

Some people, are kind and peaceful with their religion, others, love to beat you with their holy books. Some people, make me hate the Religion I used to follow. Their love is lathered in hate. They “loving” tell people how broken they are, according to their beliefs and make those who don’t live by those beliefs lives harder. I know you all think you are saving the world, but you are actually harming those who don’t fit into your religious box. You religious people need to be you and let others be themselves. Manipulating the world to form to your Religions has been destructive throughout each of their Historical times, right through to today. It’s hard seeing the pain and suffering in people eyes because they don’t fit to their family religious beliefs, so they have no support. It’s hard watching them try to be someone they are not, which in turn is destructive to their well being, to try to fit into a religious box.

If you truly want to spread peace and love, let your Religion be between you and your God. That is a personal relationship you share with your deity, that does not need to flow out onto others. Educate yourself on the history of the world and the history of your Religion, outside of your holy book and you might learn a thing or two. Open your eyes and realize that your religious words and actions overflowing from yourself is poison to so many. You be you and let others be them. Peace can only be found when you allow people to be who they are and do not attempt to for a change on others, that is unhealthy for them. Until this is a realization, there will never be peace in our world.


I used to share my Religion with the world too. I was taught, that what I was doing was in love. Once I stepped outside and actually viewed it from the eyes of others and researched my own Religions past, things changed.

Not Today Satan

Satan is powerless, people give Satan power. Remember that. Even the Bible says, “Lucifer” was gods most beautiful angel, not most powerful. If this is true, he has no power, if he even exists at all.

One of the things I’ve noticed since I let go of religion, is that it has a serious strong hold on those who allow it. There is nothing swaying nor pushing me anymore, only “I” who am the author and director of my life. Which in turn, means that people are within themselves, innately good or innately bad. Our being has the choice to be as it is, which I believe for most is innately good. We allow ourselves to be swayed by others to be something else, like parents/care takers, Religions/cults, hate groups, societal beliefs or even medications can alter how someone would be or act, without it. In essence, allowing those strong holds to dictate and drive our lives, keep us in fear, give us someone or something to blame for the struggles in life or bad things we do, and even give someone credit for the good things that happen to us or that we make happen by our actions.

Freedom is found looking within yourself, finding out who you are too the depths of you, and learning the strength and power inside you.

Is everyone monogamous?

Not everyone is meant to be monogamous, and there are other options, but many people because of societal pressures/beliefs or religious pressures/beliefs will not even look into them. They end up in a constant struggle and chances are will continue to cheat or be miserable, because they succumb to something they are not. Being honest with who they are, would resolve a lot of the sexual dishonesty in relationships.

Some types of relationships:








Is god love?/Does god step in?

What do you having in you that tells you that what Jesus, Buddha, or Muhammad said is true?

You say God is love, but how do you know that?

Love is a human emotion. Love is a human possibility.

If a human is willing and not prejudice, they are capable of being loving.

Your dog loves you, they love you when you come home, they love you when you yell at them and they just love you. Is your dog love?

Is god love? I don’t know. I have no proof of this.

There are so many beliefs and these beliefs can be beautiful, but when people of these beliefs meet someone who is different, these two beliefs will clash. Two great religions are always clashing and killing.

During the marketing phase of his life, he talked about taking everyone to heaven. He turned then said that the kingdom of God is within you. This could have been take out of context. This likely meant that you should turn within yourself, it is not about going somewhere. Our strength does not come from heaven or some other location, it comes from within.

It took me a really, really long time to understand the strength and power inside ME. What we credit a deity for is us and those around us willing things to happen. If they are the slightest bit possible, then it’s possible. Even in the religious books it states, “WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN FREE WILL.” Which means WE are the author and directors of our lives. The human being/mind/consciousness is a powerful thing. Own what you make possible and stop giving credit elsewhere.

Wake up and Realize the power and strength inside YOU.

The need for weapons of war on our streets.

Is there a valid reason to have assult rifles?

Short answer, NO.

The vileness of the fact that people find more value in these guns than human life, should be enough to show you the selfishness and darkness in their hearts. There is no actual need to have a weapon of war on our streets. None, that over shadow the value of human life. Religious cults and their thoughts and prayers won’t work, they haven’t worked. Your god, whomever that may be isn’t going to come down and fix this, it’s up to those of us who value human life to fix what the ignorant have allowed.”

I am having a hard time stomaching the darkness in the right-wing people of this country. The darkness of the people from a religion I once loved, is also astounding.