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Religion is man made: Jesus/Horus



Some people will never let go of the chains that bind them. They will never be free. They will believe what they are told, instead of looking for themselves. They will spend their lives being ruled by an invisible force and shoved in a box that leaves them in a failing state. They will always be bound in the chains they believe are broken, no matter how tight or immoral they get. They will seek to get others to bind themselves in those same chains and believe they are doing it in love and for freedom.

Me, I’m free. I went through the crazy. I was bound by the chains. I dug for the truth and my chains are no more. The truth did set me free and I am free indeed.

Product of man

The Bible is a product of man, it is not of God. The Bible did not fall magically from the clouds. Man created it as a historical record of disorderly times, and it has evolved over time, through countless translations, additions, and revisions. History has never had a definitive version of the Bible book. The one used in western culture today is translated from the Hebrew Masoretic text which doesn’t align from the older version that is found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, not to mention, the plethora of other books, which were left out of the Bible that was put together by the Council Nicaea.
Constantine who laid out the makings of the Bible was a lifelong pagan. He was a Sol Invictus or Invincible Sun worshipping, head priest. Christians and pagans were in war at that time and it was threatening to rip Rome apart, and Constantine seeing the rise in Christianity, decided something had to be done to unify the people. He saw that, Christianity seemed to be the stronger of the two religions, so he unified Rome under one religion, Christianity, in 325A.D. In doing so, Constantine converted Sun worshipping pagans to Christianity, by fusing the two religions together. He fused pagan symbols, dates, and rituals into what had become the Christian tradition, so what has become Christianity today, is a hybrid of the two religions. He brought together the ecumenical Council of Nicaea, to select and prepare the Bible as they saw fit. They made sure to leave out the books that made Christ appear more man like and less God like, but made sure to include those that made him appear more God like. 
The marks of pagan religion in Christian symbology are undeniable. The Egyptian sun disks became the halos of Catholic saints. Pictograms of Isis nursing her miraculously conceived son Horus became the blueprint for modern images of the Virgin Mary nursing Baby Jesus, and virtually all the elements of the Catholic rituals, the miter, the alter, the doxology, and communion, the act of ‘God-eating’ were taken directly from earlier pagan mystery religions. Nothing in Christianity is an original, “Christian ritual.” 
The pre-Christian God Mithras was called the Son of God and the Light of the World. Mithras was born December 25th, and died, was buried in a rock tomb and rose three days later. December 25, is also the birth of Osiris, Adonis, and Dionysus. Krishna as a newborn, was presented with gold, frankincense and myrrh. Christianity’s weekly holy day was also stolen from sun worship, which is why they worship on SUNday. According to the stories told of Jesus, he was born in the fall some times between August and October, so celebrating his birth December 25 is way off of when his actual birth was, but most Christians either don’t know this or just choose to ignore this fact.

Christianity Sects

Christianity different sects (these are the ones documented in a book I’m reading, updates to come.)
Roman Catholic
Eastern Orthodox
Oriental Orthodox
Armenian Orthodox
-which has 70 separate sects of Churches
-which has 30 separate sects of churches
-Primitive Methodists
-Wesleyan Methodist
Plymouth brethren
-Open Brethren
-Exclusive Brethren
Seventh-day Advantage
-Particular Baptist
-General Baptist
–Southern Baptist
Salvation army
Holiness churches
– 150 different sects of the Holiness Church
–Pilgrim Holiness
–Church of the Nazarene
–Christian and Missionary Alliance
Charismatic Movement
Church of Christ (Scientist)
Jesus Movement
This is how many are listed, in the book I’m reading, I know there are more, but just let this set in for a moment.

We Don’t Need Another Hero

When Tina Turner sang “We Don’t Need Another Hero,” I think she was sing this song for more than its surface purpose, the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. I think maybe she had a hope for her generation to move past the chaos and into a time of peace, if not, that’s what I’ve gotten from it. Unfortunately, her generation has failed and ours is rising. 
Our parents generation was not able to come together because of the white races oppression of others or their contentment with that oppression. Our generation has begun to bridge the gap they left us. 
“Out of the ruins, out from the wreckage

Can’t make the same mistakes this time

We are the children, the last generation

We are the ones they left behind

And I wonder when we are ever gonna change?

Living under the fear, till nothing else remains 
We don’t need another hero,

We don’t need to know the way home

All we want is life beyond the Thunderdome
Looking for something we can rely on

There’s got to be something better out there.

Mmmm, love and compassion, their day is coming

All else are castles built in the air

And I wonder when we are ever gonna change?

Living under the fear, till nothing else remains.”
Reading those lyrics, I see what’s happened in our nation and in our world. We have been a race, the human race that has allowed the past to repeat itself for centuries. We can’t make the same mistakes they made, we have to be better than they were and are. We have been left with a past full of hate and pain, but we don’t have to allow that to remain. We have to a chance, because we are learning to come together as people, as the human race. We aren’t afraid to stand together in our beautiful unique rainbow of shades of human, we are willing to stand together in love and compassion for one another. That’s what makes us better and different. It’s up to us, to love each other and help each other through this time. 
The evil that is leading OUR land will not and has not ripped us apart, it’s ripped the old backwards thinking apart from the compassionate loving thinking. I know we have been angry at the things that are happening in our country, I’m right there with all of you, but once these horrible men (because the majority of the ones leading this land are just that) are replace with us, with the better, we will make this land and this world a better place. I will not be my parents or grandparents generations, I will be my own. I will fight racism until it’s gone and actually is a thing in museums we can learn about, never to repeat again. We will find peace to co-exist in other ways, because we are already doing it. 
We are the last generation that the hate and contempt for ourselves will be. We are the generation that will pull humanity out of the ashes that we were left with. We are the ones we can rely on to make this happen, us. So don’t let what’s been going on defeat you, just stand next to your brother’s and sisters and lock arms and keep moving forward. 


My soul is not lost

What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul? Matthew 16:26

My response to this text: 

I’ve not lost my soul, for that has always been the creators. What I’ve lost or given up freely rather is the human idea that the Creator fits in a box or a book written 2500 years ago, had books removed from it, been translated and rewritten meant times, had words changed in it, has many different versions, and the one based in America doesn’t match even the dead Sea scrolls. From that I’ve gained peace and calm in myself and learned to live myself and just be who I am.