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Voice Crying In The Wilderness

I had someone comment on my post the other day that I am a voice crying in the wilderness (thank you sir for the reminder of who I am for God btw), make no mistake, it is not me that cries for my people, but the Holy Spirit that is crying out through me for God’s people. I am humbled by what the Holy Spirit is doing through me, but it is a daily fight and struggle with me at times. Sometimes I wonder why the Holy Spirit would even choose me to do anything

for God’s Kingdom. I am unworthy and seemingly the very unlikely to be anything of God’s to some people. I mean come one, by the “false Christian standard” (there is no other way to refer to this) I am an abomination.

I’ve thought this so many times, I’m GAY and female for crying out loud who is going to hear Your Holy Spirit through me God????? Then I am reminded that Jesus chose the outcast of the world to show His victory and His Love. Every time I think this, I’m humbled a little more.

So make no mistake of it, it is not my voice you hear/read, it is that voice crying in the wilderness, the Holy Spirit and it does not return void when it is coming from God/Holy Spirit/Jesus Christ. My words have no meaning and are but the sounding of a gong, but God’s words, oh how beautiful are God’s words.

Before you read the verses below, remember the Holy Spirit was put into John in the womb, he was born speaking God’s will to make way for Jesus. That was his purpose in life. He was sent to make a way for Jesus to come in those days, and today God has sent people to make way for Jesus coming once again. It is through those who allow the Holy Spirit to use them, and those that seek Him daily, continuously. I am not at all claiming that I’m perfect, but in the times that I am obedient to the call on my life (not struggling against His Will for me or allowing my humanity to get in the way), I am useful as a vessel for the message God sends out to His people.

Isaiah 40:3 A voice cries out, “Prepare in the wilderness a road for the Lord! Clear the way in the desert for our God!

Mark 1:3 Someone is shouting in the desert, ‘Get the road ready for the Lord; make a straight path for Him to travel!’”

John 1:23 John answered by quoting the prophet Isaiah: “I am ‘the voice of someone shouting in the desert: Make a straight path for the Lord to travel!’”

Malachi 3:1 The Lord Almighty answers, “I send my messenger to prepare the way for me. Then the Lord you are looking for will suddenly come to His temple (we are the temple of God). The messenger you long to see will come and proclaim my covenant.”

Matthew 3:3 John was the man the prophet Isaiah was talking about when he said: “Someone is shouting in the desert, ‘Prepare a road for the Lord; make a straight path for Him to travel!’”