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Humanities Laws, Rules, Religions, And Gods

Humanities Laws, Rules, Religions, And GodsHumanity is so much about itself that it seeks only the gods or higher powers that it has created, which in turn has become religion. Religion is at the helm of everything that seeks to destroy humanity. Religion is the beguilement of the Creators people.
Christians and Jews call their god, God, but refuse to speak the actual name of the Creator. If it wasn’t meant to be spoken, the name of our Creator wouldn’t have been given in the first place. Other religions look to other gods and call them by other names, many even worship and pray to stones that have been carved into what they believe their god would look like.
I am spiritual, i can’t classify myself as anything connected to religion because of the things I have learned of the past and the present world. Delving through the lies we are taught has been a struggle and an adventure in my life that I could have never imagine i would ever go through. I believe there is one true Creator of this world (YHWH (sounds like YaHuWah the old Hebrew text does not have vowels, the Pharisees added the vowel points to chamge the meNings of words.)) and I think (to name a couple) the Christians and Jews have some things right and I know the Dali lama speaks a lot of wisdom on how peace can be acheieved in us and in this place, which is great for the things within those religions that would bring people together and teach them to love one another. I think most of humanity is missing much of the truth of what we are to do with/about the Creator that created us. We are to seek to know YHWH, by name and by the world around us. YHWH cannot be found simply in one book that has been translated hundreds of times over and had vital books removed from it, but in the historical facts of the old world which holds those very books that have been remove and so much more, along with the first languages and writings. Each religion holds some very good moral points to some degree, but each religion also slays it’s on people or people of other religions in some way. Some religions literally kill others, some kill by oppression, and some discriminate against those that are a different race, religion, sexuality, or other differences, so much to a point that suicide seems to be the only answer for some. In each religion there is a single leader that leads them, one human that stands at the head that teaches many how to be in this world. That one person that leads the many was taught to do what they are told and not think outside what they are told and to reach out to others and make them follow their beliefs willingly or by force. They all follow the same patterns and lead to the same outcome which is confuse, destruction, and division. This allows those that are against our Creator and us to rise to power easier, because we are weak while we are separated, but together the power we would have against them would be unimaginable.
I’m pretty sure common sense can tell you our Creator did not create us to destroy each other in any way. We are supposed to seek to know our Creator and love one another. All the manmade laws and rules that seek more so to keep people under control and keep them in a certain box (per say) by forcing or brainwashing them to be a certain way, beyond us just loving one another. If you don’t fit into their box, you are wrong, damned, cast out, murdered, headed straight for Hell, etc. There are a plethora of laws and rules that are all a ploy by the elite/Nephilim of this world to control people and create chaos amongst us for population control. I believe what Yeshua said covers all and any “laws” that would be given to humans by YHWH. Love YHWH with all your heart, your soul, and your strength, and Love your neighbor as yourself. In that all our Creators wants for us are fulfilled.


Seeking Wisdom Outside The Box

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. -Aristotle

I can actually say that I can understand and agree with this. If you are able to sift through and cast out all the lies you were taught all your life, and accept the truth, this is Wisdom. She’s beautiful and God so graciously provided her for us, to guide us along in our journey. This is why we are continuously told to be overcomers.

The first people of this world didn’t have a book, they had God and the Spirit of God. Today, we have so many distractions and we are taught to stay in this little box that divides us all so much that we can’t stand together and now we are so spiritually disconnected from God’s Holy Spirit, that we seek Wisdom in a book and from men. We will not find her in those places, but in the silence and seeking of our hearts to know God.

This starts in the same place all other goodness starts, with love, because God is love. We are to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love our neighbor as ourselves. I believe our world has forgotten this.

They have set religion before God and their neighbor, which has caused us to truly breed hate and become ignorant. Religion is the beguilement of God’s people. We are taught not to think for ourselves, but God has raised up in this last generation those unafraid to stand against the world and stand for God (love) and truth.

I pray this, may God’s love and wisdom become a part of your life today and those chains of this world be shattered into pieces never to be bond around you again. Love always finds a way. May Yhwh move through this world in a powerful way and may the principalities that seek to conquer us fall at our feet in our Father’s name. God made us powerful, use that power, don’t waste what you were given, don’t hide in the shadows, but stand strong in the Son. Be an overcomer, for we were made to be more than conquers in this place.

Wake up wake up wake up all you sleepers