Is god love?/Does god step in?

What do you having in you that tells you that what Jesus, Buddha, or Muhammad said is true?

You say God is love, but how do you know that?

Love is a human emotion. Love is a human possibility.

If a human is willing and not prejudice, they are capable of being loving.

Your dog loves you, they love you when you come home, they love you when you yell at them and they just love you. Is your dog love?

Is god love? I don’t know. I have no proof of this.

There are so many beliefs and these beliefs can be beautiful, but when people of these beliefs meet someone who is different, these two beliefs will clash. Two great religions are always clashing and killing.

During the marketing phase of his life, he talked about taking everyone to heaven. He turned then said that the kingdom of God is within you. This could have been take out of context. This likely meant that you should turn within yourself, it is not about going somewhere. Our strength does not come from heaven or some other location, it comes from within.

It took me a really, really long time to understand the strength and power inside ME. What we credit a deity for is us and those around us willing things to happen. If they are the slightest bit possible, then it’s possible. Even in the religious books it states, “WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN FREE WILL.” Which means WE are the author and directors of our lives. The human being/mind/consciousness is a powerful thing. Own what you make possible and stop giving credit elsewhere.

Wake up and Realize the power and strength inside YOU.


The need for weapons of war on our streets.

Is there a valid reason to have assult rifles?

Short answer, NO.

The vileness of the fact that people find more value in these guns than human life, should be enough to show you the selfishness and darkness in their hearts. There is no actual need to have a weapon of war on our streets. None, that over shadow the value of human life. Religious cults and their thoughts and prayers won’t work, they haven’t worked. Your god, whomever that may be isn’t going to come down and fix this, it’s up to those of us who value human life to fix what the ignorant have allowed.”

I am having a hard time stomaching the darkness in the right-wing people of this country. The darkness of the people from a religion I once loved, is also astounding.

History / Religion / God

While reading and researching some much history lately, it seems like one of the key players in human beings, being hateful, judgmental, cruel, murderous, or speaking down to others has to do with religion. Religion gives many people the thought, that they have this power to dictate the lives of others, because they read or are told what is in a religious book. They take their perspective or the perspective of the one teaching them, about the book, passage, or verse, and feel that they alone have the right knowledge and only answer for all people to live by. They take that and they use it to press on others how they should live their lives, even if, they themselves don’t follow all the rules of their religion. The majority of these people have no idea about the history around when their religion was created, they walk blindly forward, harming all in their path, because they believe people are supposed to be a certain way. Each and every one of them are wrong.
If there is a God, then each and every single person’s relationship with that God is a personal one. No one else can dictate who that person was born to be or how that person should live their life. The moment you cross the line where you begin enforcing YOUR faith on someone else, you have gone too far. Most of the major religions play this out as a rescue mission. They not only control their follower’s lives, but their actions towards others. They see their actions and words as a kindness, or a life boat to those they come across that are not living according to their religion.
There are so many sects and varying beliefs in each religion, that the way somethings are seen, as opposed to others will continually have them waring for who is right, who’s God is right, and who is worshiping this God the right way. Little do many of them know, that all their religions connect? Some of the major religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all connect, they all spin off of Judaism and they all worship the same “God.” Yet, they are the ones that bring about war the most, be it physical or intellectual. There is a barrier there though, between the three that leave many ignorant of their own understanding of God they share, there is a language barrier and a lack of communication with the others in the same base religions. Though, without research you would never come to know this simple fact and thus never find peace among themselves.

Jesus’ life, are the claims true?

There is no historical proof that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. This was only stated in Matthew (2:1-9) and Luke (2:1-21). They claim that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, yet this does not appear anywhere in either of those books or the new testament. Not only that, but they refer to him continuously as the Nazerean, but for a single verse in the gospel of John (7:42).

Being from Nazereth, they claimed he was a carpenter/woodworker (tekton), but the homes and building there, were made with mud bricks. There is only one verse in the new testament, that this claim is made, Mark 6:3.

Being that he was a carpenter (tekton) would mean that he was part of the poorest of the community, just a step above the beggars and slaves. These people were illiterate, they could not read or write and none of them had access to the scripture. Those were housed in the synagogues only accessable by the scribes a be scholars. The scriptures were written in Hebrew, which the Jews of that time would have had elementary knowledge of Hebrew. He would have had enormous difficulty reading, writing, or communicating in Hebrew, much less preaching to the people and then understand in Hebrew. Whatever languages Jesus might have spoken, he more than likely wouldn’t have been able able to read or write in any of them. There were no schools in Nazareth for peasant children to attend.

Luke’s account in Luke (2:42-52) when he stated that Jesus was at the temple in Jerusalem, debating the scribes and rabbi’s at twelve years old, is impossible. Luke’s (Luke 4:16-22) account of Jesus at the synagogue in Nazareth, that never existed, reading from the scrolls of Isaiah, isn’t in the least a credible claim.

When Jesus entered the temple hen he got angry at the money changers and pharasees, he entered into the court of the gentiles. This area was not strict on having money changers or people selling goods in the area, so his actions were a criminal act. They labeled Jesus a lestes or bandit.

Jesus also, instructed his followers to get swords before the guards came to arrest him (Like 22:36-38). Recall watching the Passion of the Christ, they made it out to seem like Christ didn’t want his men fighting the guards, but this shows that he did. They charged him with sedition for one thing, which means striving for kingly rule.

(Notes from Zealot by Raza Aslan)

Religions the Forefront of Histories Wars

I just watched a video about Islam, it spoke of the history of Muhammad and how he went to Medina or Madinah and tried to show that his Quran and the people of the book (Torah), the Jews, how similar their religions were. They would not accept him as the last prophet, and so he started killing them. Islam went from a spiritual movement to a military movement once the Jews rejected Muhammad.

It also told about a time when Islam called out Jews and Christians as scum. As Islam spread it became a requirement, if they (Jews and Christians) would not convert to Islam, they would have to pay their protection tax and Jews were given yellow star necklaces to wear and Christians a belt, so that they could all be identified. They were oppressed from practicing their religions by Islamic people, and they were treated as second class citizens. The actions of 9-11 are symbolic, it was the time when Islam had spread to more of the world than the Roman Empire, at its peak, but they were stopped a Vienna. Bin Laden didn’t just pick the date randomly, it had a purpose from the historical past with Islamic Jihad. This is all part of their religions history.

Just as the Christians in the Crusades killed so many, Islam did and has done no better with their Jihad. Even in Christianity, once the different sects began to split, the ones who had gained more ground, oppressed others that were of the Christian faith as well, so much so that some were killed or in prison throughout their lives or until their death. Just like Islam, Christians have oppressed people and started wars to further the spread of Christianity. In the US, they have come against all other religions, the LGBTQ community, and even people of color. Back during the Civil war, some Christian sects were pro slavery, because the Bible spoke of it in the Old Testament, they felt that it was okay. The Bible, is a book of historic happenings along a Biblical people and timeline, but not all of history.

In today’s America, because Jesus was a person of color and from the Middle East, if he was escaping or attempting to escape from Islam or the Jihadist, our government would reject him from coming here for safety. More Christians than not, would also reject him. The far right have become a very selfish people, they, who mostly are immigrants themselves, are refusing to allow others into this country, for safety or career purposes. When these right or far right people say America first, they forget, or maybe they are aware, that they are leaving their fellow humans to struggles and death, that they could help prevent. The immigrants of this country are a broad spectrum of people. Some bring great smarts, talents, and knowledge to our country, and others help to maintain our infrastructure and do many of the jobs, Americans would rather not do, to help maintain our country.

Religion has been at the forefront of most wars in the history of mankind. It has taken more lives than any other cause, an estimated 150 million to 1 billion deaths have been caused by war. Still today there is a war within religion, and each version of religion is constantly trying to take control or be the “right” one. None of them can get along, or agree to disagree on the fact that they worship in a different way or a different god. As long as religion is around, mankind, will always remain at war. As much as they want to speak of peace and love, this seems to only be contained to its own people and does not include those of other beliefs or atheists.  I think there are a few that are actually just peaceful, but I have not delved into them all to know, but the three major ones seem to always be at each other’s throats, over who’s god the best or right god.

From a Christian stand point, if we are supposed to love our neighbor, Christianity is failing miserably. I fear, this will be a continuing cycle, if religion remains, unless people can find a way to co-exist. I fear, Peace will never be attained, because all religious people believe they are absolutely correct in their thinking and everyone else, is wrong. At least, from my experience and observation in Christianity and now researching other religions. This appears to be one of the pivotal facts that is within all religions. The majority of religious people, know nothing of their own religions historical past, because they do not teach it in churches and people are content with not knowing.

Religious people, will not allow people to live and let live. Even still, I can respect others beliefs, but only so long as they do not force their religion on others or cause harm to other human beings. If they cause harm to others or force their religion on others, they no longer have my respect.

Back to the video for a moment. The video was informative of some of the history of Islam, but at the end, the lady said, that “America should be first and all else could go to hell.” I am and will always be appalled by this kind of thinking. The US is supposed to stand for diversity and inclusivity, and people like this, do not respect or represent what this country stands for. This land was built on the blood of the Natives Americans and the backs of slaves, these happenings were not right, but they are a part of our past, which should never be repeated. This country is not about, “damn everyone else, as long as I’m good.”
Note: I have not delved into the history of Islam, in my research, I have only touched on the surface of their teachings. I have also spoken to several Muslim people about their beliefs.

Things You Won’t Learn In Church

I never knew until I started researching religions, that I never knew the history of the one I was raised to follow. They don’t teach you the history of the religion in church.  Possibly, because this could be very bad for the church as a whole and drawing people into the fold, if they really knew the history of it all. Churches would lose people and thus funding. I was raised Baptist, Southern Baptist to be exact. I never knew there were 50 sects, just of Baptist, in the US alone. I never knew the Southern Baptist were pro slavery. I never knew the details, of how the Bible came to be.  I never knew how many countless versions there are out there with translations changed or input stitched into the text by someone who follows Christianity in one sect or another. I never knew the history of how or why the different churches split off from the others. I never knew how many lives were lost to war, prison, or persecution because of their differences. These are just a few things, Christians are never taught.

You are taught to strictly believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God. That pastors are the chosen ones to teach you the ways of the Lord and how to interpret the Bible itself from past meanings and how it applies to us today. You are taught that your sect’s way of thinking, is the correct way and all other secular people and even Christians are wrong.  If you ask too many questions, it spawns anger either because they don’t have an answer or because they think you are doubting the faith. It seems like, I like many others still, was missing a lot of information, all hidden in plain sight. 

To trump or not to trump is not the question.

Not all people who support trump are assholes, and not all people who don’t support trump are assholes. I have been able to talk to a few trump supporters, and while I don’t understand them backing him, we are able to be civil and discuss other issues and even some political.

I think we are losing focus of our humanity in America. Many of us want a better country, one that is more peaceful and inclusive of all peoples, no matter their differences. We need to care about the well-being of others, no matter their differences. The far left and the far right are stirring a lot of hate in our nation. Bottom line, if you are not concerned the lives and well-being of others, you are the problem. If you have hate for your neighbor because they are a different race then you, a different sexuality than you, or different gender than you, you are the problem.

It doesn’t matter what your personal beliefs are, what your religion might teach you, or what you like or dislike. If you don’t like it, if you don’t agree with it, then don’t do it. This does not give you the right to cause harm to or take away the rights of others, because you do not think something is right or you wouldn’t do whatever the way they do. The line has been crossed, for far too long, and that line is where others are harmed or could be harmed because of your actions, beliefs, or way of thinking. Separation of church and state needs to be an actual thing, if someone wants to represent a set of people, they cannot bring their religion into it. Religion has been the cause of so much war, oppression, and hate, throughout history and it is no different today.

We need to come back to logical thinking and hold all those who we have given power, in our nation, accountable for their actions. When you step up to lead in any format, you are put under a microscope, and these people who run for office, know this before they start the process of leadership. No leader is above the law, but even more so under it, because everything they do is seen and heard. We should all agree on this, this shouldn’t even be a question. We need to come together and protect our nation and each other.

Finding The Truth In Religion and History