Backwards Christianity 2016

Growing up I was taught that Christ loved all people, which I believe our Creator does love all humanity. The problem isn’t with Christ but many of the people who claim him. They don’t love people unless they fit inside whatever veiw of Christianity they are okay with our they are working to sway them that way. Once they understand you are not in agreement with them or you are another religion, they will turn their backs on you. They have become the very thing they preached against when I was a child. I know there are some really great Christan people who love people and are a wonderful and beautiful representation of Christ, and they are still fighting against how backwards many Christians have come. To these people I ask you please don’t give up, the world needs people like you. People who just love people.
When I was little it was all about love love love which our Creator is, it’s just that the people aren’t. They stand behind politics and religion as they cut through the hearts and souls of their fellow humans. Not only have I watched this, I’ve been on the cut and bleeding side of it for 18 years. 

You cannot see nor do you have to feel or deal with the pain and wounds you have created in others when you are the one holding the knife of religious “love” in your hand. These people think they are helping heal people when they are ripping them apart. 
Racism is not love. 

Homophobia is not love.

Islamaphobia is not love.

Xenophobia is not love. 

Bigotry is not love.

Hate is not love. 

Love Thy Neighbor

It seems more and more these days so many evangelicals and conservative Christians are turning into the very thing they preach against or did when I went to church. 
Love thy neighbor has taken a backseat to what they want and how they think people should be. If you don’t fit in their box you don’t matter and are likely to be on the bad end of their hate, your rights threatened to be removed etc. So many of them try to place the fall of our nation on homosexuality. “Just like Sodom.” they say. I really really wish they would stop drinking what they are served at the pulpit and start seeking our Creator for themselves. 
Sodom had nothing to do with homosexuality. Sodom’s people were cruel, hateful, neglected their own, killed and raped their own and outsiders, they had no sense of morality, their justice system was seriously torturous, and they were not hospitable to anyone. So if you want to compare America to Sodom go ahead, because your cold hateful hearts, the racism, the neglect of our homeless, the abuse of our children, the inequality in our system of laws, etc., have made it so. My people want peace, love, and equality. So if you are looking for someone to blame, do not look at my people, or those people fighting for peace and love. 

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