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Infiltration of Christianity

[This is a short summary of some of the things I’ve learned as I’ve been researching.  I will be adding more to my blog as time permits.]

Christianity today has had Gnosticism and sol invictus aka Sun god worship melded into it. In the same way you would mix metals, these things have crept into Christianity. It has given it the shine of the truth with lies weaved in and made it weak. If we are weak because we have beendeceived, the devil can utilize us more and more. We are warned of this throughout scripture because Jesus and all the Apostles point out the Pharisees and the scribes as being evil like their father the devil. People never have paid attention to this until now. They have just always followed the earthly leader who we were warned about and listen to what they were told to do.

I’m very grateful to God (now) for making me gay for so many reasons, but the most powerful reason is because I had to fight so hard just to be me, I have in turn fought so hard to find Him and the truth.

If you don’t know anything about Gnosticism or sol invictus are now is the time to dig in and learn about it so you can see how it has affected Christianity. This all happened in the 4th century when they also removed the book of Enoch, which is a vital key to the rest of the scriptures. With that book missing, we see God as a genocidal maniac. Genesis refers to Enoch in one verses pretty much about the angels coming down and mating with humans, but it tells of nothing else as if they just disappear which we all know is not true. We are told of giants in the Bible but nothing is elaborated on as to why they were giants, unless you read the Book of Enoch. That’s a huge deal. HUGE.

Being that the book of Enoch is removed, people are taught that the flood was God killing people because they were bad instead of what actually happened and God destroyed the Nephilim, God saved humanity in the flood. Noah was perfect in his day as the Bible says, this does not mean perfect like Jesus, because we all know no one is perfect like Jesus, but perfect as in his DNA was perfect. Then you look at all the cities that God condemned, and they were of the same manor, God was trying to protect humans from the Nephilim. (Nephilim, the children of fallen angels and humans.) So we have been given a completely backwards view of God in the Old Testament because of the removal of the Book of Enoch.

St. Augustine with his Gnostic beliefs fused Hell in as eternal torment and that it was basically only one place, when throughout the Bible we are told there are levels to what the Bible references as Hell, some translations even leave those out when they are speaking of the different places, and they are very different places with different purposes. Hell is not eternal torment, I’ve shown this to be incorrect as well in some of my research.

Sexuality goes through a Gnostic view which is where we get that anything to do with sex is deemed bad. Sex before marriage, homosexuality, and things of that nature. Gnostics saw sex as a bad thing when God gave us that as a gift. In no way am I trying to say it’s good to just go out and sleep with everyone, we are to have self-control and that is in the Bible too. Again, when you look in the Bible, many men had multiple wives or even had children with their wives hand maids or concubines. So that is disproved right there. I’ve also disproved homosexuality as being sinful in my research. All this is theology.

Sol invictus is very visual in a lot of Christian paintings and statues, because there are suns that appear behind the beings portrayed in these images. Which in turn is something else we are not supposed to have, graven images that are worshiped or prayed too. Those are all over the world and people bow and pray to them all the time. This is idolatry.

This is just a summary of what is going on within Christianity today. There is so much more to it than just this. A few other things I have researched are the false trinity that the devil has created through Christianity which was pulled from the false worship before the tower of Babel where God separated the language of men. They all worshiped the same false gods at that point, but when the languages became different, so did the gods.

Original: Nimrod / Semiramis(Queen of Heaven) / Tammuz Chaldeans: Bel / Rhea / Ninus Egypt: Osiris / Isis / Horus Assyria: Kronos / Rheia / Muth Lebanon: Baal / Ashtoreth / Tammuz Phoenicians: El / Astarte / Bacchus Babylon: Belus / Ishtar/ Tammuz Scandinavia: Odin / Frigg / Balder India: Vasudeva(Vishnu) / Isi(Devaki) / Iswara(Krishna) Asia: Atys(Attis) / Cybele / Deoius Rome: Zeus / Leto / Apollo (ALSO: Attis / Cybele / Jupiter) Greece: Iasion / Tyche(Eirene) / Plutus Germany: Njörðr(Saturn) / Hertha(Nerthus-Mother Earth) / w child China/Japan: Pan-Ku / Shing Moo(Ma Tsoopo) / Heng-O

All that brings you to god / Mary / Baby Jesus. Mary was His mother, yes but she is not to be worshiped.